Aaron Foldenauer Wins Top Ballot Position in
Crowded Democratic Primary in the Race for Mayor of New York City

NEW YORK, NY, April 15, 2021.  –  Today, in a random draw conducted by the New York City Board of Elections, Mayoral Candidate Aaron Foldenauer won the top ballot spot in the crowded Democratic Primary in the race for Mayor of New York City.

“This is a significant win for our campaign to revitalize New York City,” said Aaron Foldenauer.  “The list of candidates in the race for Mayor is a veritable phone book.  Thus, winning the top ballot position is a huge deal.”

The result of the draw conducted by the Board of Elections means that, on ballots across the City in the race for Mayor, Foldenauer will be the first candidate listed, followed by the eleven other candidates in the Democratic Primary.

“Most success in life is a combination of hard work and luck,” said Foldenauer.  “Without spending a single dime, my grassroots organization obtained 8,752 signatures to get me on the ballot, a total on par with the other leading candidates.  Now that my name will appear on top of the ballot, we are in the race to win.”

Foldenauer stated that the Board of Elections itself has acknowledged that ballot order is crucial.  In particular, when old-fashioned lever voting machines were used, the Board of Elections rotated the order of candidates across different election districts, so as to ensure fairness.  However, when the Board of Elections switched to paper ballots, a random draw now determines the candidate order across the City.

“Most residents are low-information voters who have little idea as to the candidate they will select. There are still nine weeks to go until Election Day, which is an eternity in politics,” said Foldenauer.  “In fact, every poll so far shows that the majority of voters are undecided in the race for Mayor.  Many voters will naturally gravitate to the first candidate listed on the ballot, and I’m honored to be that top candidate for Mayor.”

“Now, I am at the top of the ticket, and on a convoluted ranked-choice ballot at that.  For anyone who says that ballot position doesn’t matter, I have a bridge to sell them that spans the East River,” said Foldenauer.

The complete ballot order in the Democratic Primary in the race for Mayor of New York City is:

  1. Aaron S. Foldenauer
  2. Dianne Morales
  3. Scott M. Stringer
  4. Raymond J. McGuire
  5. Maya D. Wiley
  6. Paperboy Love Prince
  7. Art Chang
  8. Kathryn A. Garcia
  9. Eric L. Adams
  10. Isaac Wright Jr.
  11. Shaun Donovan
  12. Andrew Yang

The draw conducted by the New York City Board of Elections can be viewed here (in the video labeled “April 14, 2021 Random Draw for Ballot Position.”

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Aaron Foldenauer’s experience as a political advocate and a business litigator makes him uniquely qualified to become the next Mayor of New York City during these difficult times.  A Democrat and veteran of New York City politics, he previously ran for the New York City Council seat based in District 1, Lower Manhattan, where Mr. Foldenauer has lived for 15 years.

Aaron is an accomplished attorney and practiced at several leading law firms in New York City for over a decade.  More information about Aaron and his policies can be found at

Aaron’s YouTube Channel can be found at

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