Aaron Foldenauer’s Comments on the Dismissal of the Lawsuit Seeking to Eliminate Petitioning

NEW YORK, NY, February 23, 2021.  – “As an election lawyer, I knew that this was a long-shot lawsuit that had no merit,” said Aaron Foldenauer, Candidate for Mayor of New York City.  “Our courts are already overloaded, and to bring a lawsuit like this at a time when the City is struggling was a waste of resources and demonstrates the contempt that our politicians have for the people.”

“I believe that my decision to intervene in this litigation was the tipping point that caused the court to reject this baseless suit,” said Aaron Foldenauer, Candidate for Mayor of New York City.  “As I demonstrated in my court papers, many of the same politicians who brought the lawsuit were hypocrites, because they have been voluntarily campaigning in the streets.”

“Among the plaintiffs who lost in court today were Eric Adams and Maya Wiley, candidates for Mayor who participated in the destruction of New York City’s economy,” said Foldenauer.  “They claim to be leading candidates for Mayor but argued that they were incapable of gathering signatures from actual voters.”

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Aaron Foldenauer’s experience as a political advocate and a business litigator makes him uniquely qualified to become the next Mayor of New York City during these difficult times.  A Democrat and veteran of New York City politics, he previously ran for the New York City Council seat based in District 1, Lower Manhattan, where Mr. Foldenauer has lived for 15 years.

Aaron is an accomplished attorney and practiced at several leading law firms in New York City for over a decade.  More information about Aaron and his policies can be found at

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