Foldenauer Exposes Hypocrisy in Politicians’ Attempt to Make Last-Minute Rule Changes for Upcoming Elections

Evidence Uncovered by Aaron Foldenauer Reveals that Politicians Who Claim that it is “Unsafe” to Gather Signatures to Get on the Ballot
Are Actually Routinely Conducting In-Person Campaigning

NEW YORK, NY, February 19, 2021.  –  This morning, Aaron Foldenauer, Candidate for Mayor of New York City, filed legal papers exposing hypocrisy among dozens of politicians who claim that it is unsafe to gather signatures in order to get on the ballot.

The problem?  Foldenauer has uncovered evidence from tweets sent by these very same politicians that, in fact, they have been conducting in-person campaigning on a routine basis—without remaining six feet apart from members of the general public.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” said Foldenauer.  “Even though these politicians claim that it’s too dangerous to gather signatures, they have actually been meeting voters routinely without even maintaining their social distance.”

Among the plaintiffs in the case who contend that gathering signatures is unsafe are Eric Adams, the current Brooklyn Borough President, and Maya Wiley, each of whom are running for Mayor.  Foldenauer, however, has uncovered tweets issued by both Eric Adams and Maya Wiley demonstrating that both Wiley and Adams are regularly meeting voters without complying with social distancing protocols.

“We been dealing with the pandemic for nearly one year,” said Foldenauer.  “The fact that these politicians now seek to use the courts to change the rules of the game at the last-minute is outrageous.”

The process of “petitioning”—or gathering signatures to get on the ballot—is scheduled to begin on March 2.

“This is merely another example of our hypocritical politicians,” said Aaron Foldenauer, Candidate for Mayor of New York City.  “Many of these politicians have been engaging in close campaigning throughout the pandemic.  It is clear that they are simply attempting to use the court system to further their personal political ends.”

Oral argument in the pending litigation is scheduled to occur on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 11:30 a.m.  Foldenauer’s legal brief is available here, and the evidence he presented to the Court is available here.

“The only reason they are filing this lawsuit is to disenfranchise voters,” said Foldenauer.  “If this lawsuit prevails, it will benefit only the political elite.”

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Aaron Foldenauer’s experience as a political advocate and a business litigator makes him uniquely qualified to become the next Mayor of New York City during these difficult times.  A Democrat and veteran of New York City politics, he previously ran for the New York City Council seat based in District 1, Lower Manhattan, where Mr. Foldenauer has lived for 15 years.

Aaron is an accomplished attorney and practiced at several leading law firms in New York City for over a decade.  More information about Aaron and his policies can be found at

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