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Create a Text Hotline for Subway Riders to Report Disturbances. Currently, when a resident encounters a problem in the subway, there is no easy way to report it to either the MTA or the police. Aaron will establish a new reporting system in which any rider will be able to immediately send a text message to the authorities to report a problem, whether it be a mechanical issue, criminal activity, or some other uncomfortable situation. In each subway car, a car number will be posted that will identify for the authorities the precise location of the problem. Once the rider sends a text message to report an issue, personnel manning a 24-hour response desk will be able to immediately react. Police officers and other personnel will be strategically positioned throughout the subway system on 24/7 basis so that they can immediately respond to these reports as appropriate. This innovative SMS-based reporting system will create a safe and comfortable commute for all New Yorkers.

Streamline City Contracting Rules. The inefficiencies in our government bureaucracy cost New Yorkers billions of dollars each year. The mountain of red tape required for the City to contract for goods and services forces the City to pay far above market prices. Furthermore, the political establishment has used this antiquated system to favor their political donors, and not the needs of the City. Aaron will streamline the City’s contracting process to focus on achieving the best value for the best price, rather than arcane requirements and the self-serving demands of politicians and their donors.

Finish the Second Avenue Subway. Finishing the Second Avenue Subway, complete from Harlem to Lower Manhattan, is long overdue. Not only would this serve to reduce the strain on the 4/5/6 subway lines which operate at dramatic overcapacity, but also a complete Second Avenue Subway line would bring much-needed service to the Lower East Side and East Chinatown, two areas which are dramatically underserved by our current subway system. If elected, I would push the Biden administration to provide additional funding for this much-needed subway line.

Rebuild Our Aging Infrastructure. All too often, our career politicians ignore routine maintenance and replacement of our existing infrastructure, because these projects are not viewed as “sexy.” We can no longer afford to ignore our aging bridges, ancient gas lines, and crumbling train tunnels. Rebuilt, stronger infrastructure will also endure more favorably against the ramifications of a changing climate. The time is now to invest in ongoing maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of our infrastructure.

Reduce Scaffolding. The rise of construction and building renovations cause routine inconveniences and jam our streets and sidewalks. One scourge of our City is ubiquitous scaffolding covering and narrowing our sidewalks. This scaffolding often is put up without notice or input from local residents and can stay up for years, even without any discernable construction work being done. We must reform the way construction products are managed and impose proper incentives and guidelines to ensure that scaffolding is erected only if needed and remains in place for only as long as is necessary.

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