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Affordable Housing

Preserve Our Neighborhoods. As income inequality has increased in this City and across the country, families and individuals are priced out of the neighborhoods they grew up in. Displacement has become the norm. This is unacceptable. Aaron will work to preserve our neighborhoods and that new affordable housing units are built for residents in lower income brackets. We must keep people in their homes wherever and whenever possible.

Reform our Public Housing. NYCHA public housing facilities are in dire need of improvement on all fronts. In past several years, we have seen too many cases of dangerous and even deadly living conditions, including not only chronic issues with mold contamination, heat, air conditioning, and electricity problems, but also general neglect such as deadly elevator and smoke alarm failures. This is not acceptable and residents of one of the greatest cities in the world should not continue to be forced to deal with these problems. I will hold city officials accountable and fight for much-needed reform for our residents of public housing.

Provide Incentives for the Construction of More Rental Housing. Few New Yorkers can afford the luxury condos that have recently dotted the landscape of New York City. I will fight for the realignment of incentives so that the real estate industry will build more rental housing, which is what this City needs the most. More rental units will mean more choices for consumers, and ultimately, lower prices for people who actually live and work here in New York City.