Aaron's Vision for New York City

Learn more about Aaron’s comprehensive platform to reimagine and revitalize New York City.

COVID-19: Revitalize Our Economy

We must attract tourists and office workers back to the City and get our economy moving again.

Protect Small Property Owners

We must protect those families and individuals who have invested in our City.

Healthy Eating

Promoting access to healthy eating will dramatically improve our quality of life and set the standard for the rest of the world.


We generate excessive amounts of waste and pollution and are far behind in implementing sustainable environmental policies.


We must fully commit to modernizing our congested and crumbling infrastructure.

Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are under assault. They are vital to our economy and we must save them.

Police Reform

The police have become over-militarized. This must change.


Our schools have failed our children. We must innovate now.

Land Use and Preservation

Preserving the historic character of our neighborhoods and providing ample green spaces are critical to our economy and wellbeing.

Affordable Housing

We must enact incentives so that we will have more rental housing for those who need it the most.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Our seniors, our homeless, and our immigrants should not be left behind.