<b> Reform. Revitalize. Reimagine. </b>

Reform. Revitalize. Reimagine.

Reform our institutions to root out systemic problems.  Revitalize our economy.  Reimagine our City government as one that actually works for the people.

Vote for Aaron Foldenauer for Mayor of New York City on June 22, 2021.

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About Aaron

  • Environmental Advocate
  • Son of Two Public School Teachers
  • Mentor to Underprivileged Students
  • Champion for Small Businesses
  • Proven Business Manager
  • Volunteer Lawyer for the Underprivileged
  • Successfully Fought NYPD Corruption
  • Advocate for Victims of Employment Discrimination
  • Veteran of NYC Politics
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About Aaron

Aaron's Plan to Reinvent Our City

More and more New Yorkers are moving away and giving up on our City.  Small businesses are closing at a record pace. Our leaders have failed in their response to the pandemic.  The City’s finances are in shambles and we are now billions of dollars in the red.

Aaron is running because our political establishment has failed us. Our City government must be overhauled top-to-bottom. Aaron is focused on innovative policies that will allow us to reimagine life in our City and get our economy moving again.

Aaron on the Issues
Aaron's Plan to Reinvent Our City
COVID-19 and Revitalizing NYC

COVID-19 and Revitalizing NYC

Since the onset of the pandemic, the tourism industry in NYC has been decimated.  Our office buildings have been empty.  Nearly one million of our residents are unemployed.

Aaron has a comprehensive plan to reimagine City life and ensure that the great assets of our City, including restaurants, small businesses, and museums, are open for business.

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Let's rebuild New York City together.  Join us!

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